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For busy aircraft shops and hangers, a prep booth may be the ideal solution for increasing production and improving the overall paint job. Processes such as sanding, stripping and masking are better performed in a separate booth. Moving these operations to a preparation booth helps to keep dust and dirt out of the paint booth. With the addition of a prep booth, production can be greatly increased. Since non-painting duties can be accomplished in a prep booth, the paint booth can be used exclusively for painting. This cuts the overall shop time in half. Prep booths can also be a smart, economic decision for many shops. Since prep booths don’t require the high airflow of paint booths, they operate at lower energy levels. Less energy costs = more savings to you!


rohner aerospace defense aircraft booth 3 900 x 600

A successful paint job begins with surface preparation. Before an aircraft can be repainted, it needs to be stripped of existing paint and masked for the new paint job. Surface preparation is better performed in a prep booth. By performing non-painting duties in a prep booth, as opposed to the paint booth, busy aircraft shops and hangars can improve production, cut energy costs and improve the overall paint job.

Using a prep booth for surface preparation can drastically reduce production times, since one aircraft can be prepped while another is being painted. This means that more aircraft can move through your shop, resulting in higher profits. In addition to cutting production times, using a prep booth can cut energy costs. Prep booths require less airflow than a paint booth, and therefore use less energy. Paint jobs are also improved when you keep dust and dirt from prepping process out of the paint booth.

AMS designs prep environments for your paint removal and prepping processes, whether it be sanding, grinding, blasting or chemical stripping. As with paint booths, AMS can custom design a prep environment to accommodate the dimensions of specific aircraft or for aircraft parts and components.


AMS guarantees that our products meet or exceed all of the applicable codes related to the equipment. Our engineers regularly follow and contribute to the advancement of codes and standards that affect the industries that we work in.

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